Anna Pitt is an IT Systems Developer who, as if she didn't spend enough time with her nose in a computer, likes to dabble with story writing in her spare time.

She keeps herself entertained writing short stories, new media tales, and with the help of her eco-freak friends, Gizmo the Geek and Yolanda Cobweb, she rants about green living, saving energy and living without a rubbish bin.

Anna's O2 Tales was shortlisted for the first New Media Writing Prize at The Poole Literary Festival in 2010. Polly Melibee, the nosey reporter from the O2 Tales, will soon be collecting more tales and tittle-tattle about all things Olympic in London.


Anna Anna has an MA in Creative Writing and New Media from De Montfort University, enjoys monthly meetings with the Costa Crew and the Freelance Media Group and her favourite words are 'juxtaposition' and 'serendipity'.