This piece has been created for the Fiction Module of the Online MA in Creative Writing and New Media at De Montfort University, Leicester.


The O2 Tales uses a template from: by Marco Rosella v0.8 - July 8, 2009

The audio player is from - (Thanks to Jaka for the code.)

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Rollover Image Pop-up: Jquery

Thanks to:

to Mary Ginns, Lizzi Pitt and Georgina Horne, and Smalltalk UK (Dan Weston, Charlie Neilon, Joe Dines and Will Quartly) for permission to use their sound recordings. Thanks to Georgina Horne, Zara Herring, Jenny Talyor, Lizzi and Jen Pitt for recording songs specially for this piece.

to Toni Lebusque for modifying the character images to apply the background and for inspiring me to learn to draw. (Yeah! I know... It hasn't happened yet but she tells me that if I can cook pasta, then I can learn to draw and as yet, I believe her.)

also to Kate Pullinger - Course Leader, Guest Lectures - J.R.Carpenter, Donna Leishman, Alan Bigelow, and Will Buckingham and my fellow students on the CWNM at De Montfort University for the inspiration, constructive criticism and encouragement.

and last but certainly not least to my family for putting up with me while I have been creating this piece.

I hope you have enjoyed the O2 Tales and don't forget to sing next time you are in the shower.